Beginning of our project

Welcome to a brand new blog. We have started a new EU-funded Erasmus-Project called Active school days with four European schools. The Schools are from Finland, Italy, Greece and Spain. We will soon have more information about the attending schools here.

The priorities of Active School Day -project are to promote the children´s acquisition of skills and competences through effective and innovative teaching, and to strengthen the profile(s) of the teaching profession by supporting teachers in adopting innovative practices. Through teachers´new, innovative practices, it is possible to meet the main objective of the project, that is increasing children's physical activity during school day and to promote learning and healthy lifestyle by doing so.

The focal point of our project is in developing new practices that would increase children's activity within school days. The idea is to include physical activity in every subject, e.g. languages, music, mathematics etc.  Furthermore, our idea is to create an Easy Tool Kit for Active School Day, i.e. a video, in which our ideas are shared internationally in easy and accessible form for teachers worldwide. The Easy Tool Kit for Active School Day -video will also be available in four languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Greek).


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