4th Day of School Athletics

On Wednesday 11th of October, at 10th Primary School of Kalamata, we celebrated the 4rth Panhellenic day of School Athletics.
Our Physical Activities teachers, inspired by the Erasmus+ project “Active School Days”,  planned a very special and well organized schedule for that day.
Specifically, they had created 12 stations with different activities. All the classes should change their station every 20 minutes, so all the students had the opportunity to try all the activities.

Here there are the 12 stations:
  • ·         Ping – Pong
  • ·         Basketball shoots
  •         Football 5x5
  •        Relay rails
  • ·         Aerobic
  • ·         Singing the Hymn of the Olympic Games
  • ·         Watching film about the Olympic Games
  • ·         Creating the poster of the Day
  • ·         Playing Traditional games on the court
  • ·         Badminton
  • ·         Dance-Marathon (Hasaposerviko)

Kids and teachers really enjoyed it and everybody is looking forward for more Active School Days in our School!!!


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