Back home!!!

While we were travelling back home many thoughts passed by our minds. First of all how wonderful is to share thoughts, feelings, concerns with teachers all over Europe. How amazed we all are by the interaction and the magic of it. The differences became the glue upon which we can work towards inclusion and a united Europe. We don’t aim on being the same. On the contrary we learnt from each other so many things and we hope to learn some more as the time passes by. 
We loved the promotion of movement by the board of education in Finland and the implantation in Tupuri school. The game in the first grade, the games in the gym, the music lesson with us among the students in the hallway and the game on the board for students with difficulties in reading inspired us all. We returned home full of experiences and ideas. 
We are now ready to create, compare and evaluate anything we do in school under the sight of  «Active school Days». Our school is the same but at the same time it is not. We are the same but different as well. We miss our new friends but we ‘re more than happy that we got to know them. We are happy to be back and share with everyone at school what education means in three other countries than ours. We re now Active School Days teachers and we invite everyone of you to do the same.

Ps. Our thanks to Finnish team for the incredible hospitality..kiitos!!!

By Vina Malama


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