First day at Tupuri School

Hi everybody!

Finally this morning we arrived at Tupuri School. It was a rainy and cold morning, but we all were full of good energy and excited to meet all the Finnish teachers and, of course, the students too.

First of all we met all the teachers at the teachers room and all the partners school had the chance to introduce our schools to the host.

Spain introduces their school

Italy presents their school
Greece presents their school

After that, the whole school community gathered at the gym. There we met the students and introduced ourselves. Apart from this, we explained briefly some things about our countries and then we showed them a traditional game from our countries.
Plus students danced a welcome choreography, which was really nice. Everybody wanted to join! 

Finnish students welcome us

Later, students went back to their classrooms; meanwhile we had a snack and talked to other teacher at the teachers room.

Next we could have a look at the classrooms and attended some lessons and to see how physical activity can be integrated into the classroom.   We have been able to experience a different teaching system in some subjects.

Using the corridor to learn 

Preparing the interviews for the guest teachers

Learning Maths in a different way 

At midday we had lunch at the dinning room where we had the opportunity to taste the Finnish cuisine while we were talking with students and teachers.

Last but not least the Finnish team surprised us with a training related to creating videos and presentations.  Lotta-Pia Kallio came to school and explained us the best ways to take pictures. 
Of course we had to practice what we had been taught by producing our own video.

We are having a really great time!


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