The 2nd Day in Tupurin Koulu

Second day of our project, met every expectation. With the finish sun as an ally our day started with interesting finish lessons regarding reading, maths, music and activities. The partners were introduced to the challenging finish way of learning through empirical ways while they exchange ideas and practices.

The coordinator of Salo's  "School on the move" project trained students and faculty in ways of improving activity in recess and outdoor environments.

The Greek team taught the 4th graders the greek version of hopscotch ("koutso"). The students were enthusiastic about it and quickly they came upon with their own innovative ideas on how they can play the game.

 After a very tasteful lunch all partners practiced their skills in Pinnacle studio. Questions were answered, new projects were developed and goals were drawn for the next meeting.

Our day ended in Salo's Art Museum, where partners all together were guided through the magic world of photography and especially the one of Elliot Erwitt. Known for his humanistic sensibility and spirit all over the world,gave the partners the opportunity of interact and discuss on new topics and ideas.


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