Arrivederci Siracusa

Our last day in the beautiful city of Siracusa was amazing for all of us.
After our breakfast, we met each other at the hotel. The Italian team took us to the old castle d’ Ortigia Island which itself is a historic place dating back to the Greeks. Archimedes was born there, and Plato spent time there as well. The fortress itself is interesting and afford great views in many directions. So we had the chance to admire the sun and the blue of the Ionian Sea.

After a walk around the old city we visit the Mayor Hall of the town. The Bambini’ s Mayor welcomed us and the representative of the Mayor of the city offered an historical book about Siracusa per each team.

After all it was time to start working about the conclusion of our 2nd meeting.

At 8 o clock the Italian Team offered us the last dinner with tasteful Sicilian plates.

After exchanging wishes we said goodbye to each other and Arrivederci a presto!!!


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