First day in Italy

Today, the Active School Days -team had a happy reunion after six months’ break. This time we met in Siracusa, Italy, and the hosts welcomed us cordially. The reception at school was touching and emotional: the children sang for us waving the flags of each country and all the national anthems were played in turn. 
 The school building of I.C. ”G. Lombardo Radice” was introduced to us and everywhere we went, the project was there to be seen.
   After the tour in the school, it was time to present our countries and some traditional games. There were extremely skillfull high school students translating the presentations and games for the Italian audience.

Once the joyful playtime was over, it was time for the students to get back to their studies which ment that the serious work began for us. We discussed about the common guidelines for our video on task one and had a look of what each country had done so far. During the afternoon, we had the privilege to enjoy the most generous refreshments offered and prepared by the parents.

   Once all the hard work was done, we got to visit the beautiful historical center of Ortigia.    After the fascinating and heartwarming first day we are looking forward to tomorrow and the upcoming week.


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