Modica - Vendicari - Noto

Today our Italian friends took us to experience the unique regions of Modica, Vendicari and Noto.

The tour began from the beautiful city of Modica that is situated in the Hyblaean Mountains. We visited a well known chocolaterie, Antica Dolceriq Rizza, where we got to taste some Modica’s special chocolate. It was so delicious!

With our bags filled with chocolate from Modica, we headed towards Vendicari. On our way there we visited the ancient ruins of Villa Romana del Tellaro. There were beautiful lemon trees typical of Sicily by the road leading to the Villa. Inside the Villa del Tellaro we saw ancient mosaic floors which are incredible works of art! After experiencing the  breathtaking  mosaics, we were on our way to Vendicari reserve. Once we got there, we couldn’t take our eyes off from the clear blue water and the fine, white sand on the beach. Vendicari is also famous for its opportunities to bird watching, but we didn’t have much luck with it this time. 

The last stop of our day was the famous baroque town, Noto. It’s very own arch of triumph welcomed us as we entered it with curiosity and anticipation. The ancient town was built from limestone that has aged with style and now bathes in the sun in the coulour of honey. Once again we were astonished by the beauty of all the churches and other public buildings that whispered the history of the town as we strolled down its streets.

Happy and many experiences richer we returned back to Syracusa late in the evening. We will always carry the memories of all the beautiful landscapes in our mind.


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