Farewell Madrid

On our last day in Madrid, we got to visit the historical center of Madrid. We had the most wonderful guide, Olga, who led us to small alleys as well as to famous buildings accompanied by extremely fascinating stories about the history of these places.

Olga took us to see Restaurante Botin, the oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

The Erasmus group is wondering the historical buildings. One of them is the old town hall of Madrid on the right.
According to a legend, you will come back to Madrid if you touch the bottom of this statue. Hope is in the air! 

Olga made us guess how old the Cathedral of Madrid behind her is. We didn't do very well. Would you have known that the Catedral de la Almudena was built in the 20th century? 

On the day of our tour, it happened to be the National Day of Spain, and the king Felipe the 6th was visiting his palace. Palacio Real de Madrid was very impressive. 

You have probably encountered many statues with a reering horse, but this was actually the first one ever made successfully. The architechts and sculpturors had tried to make this statue for many times but it always collapsed. Only with the help of Galileo Galilei himself this statue, Eguestrian statue of Philip IV, Pietro Tacca finally became the first one to succeed. 

The tour continues. Walking in the lane of poets.
After the educative and fun tour around the city, it was time for our concluding lunch at La Carmen.
The Erasmus Group enjoying and sharing their lunch in Spanish style.
We Finns learned a lot from our Spanish friends. Sharing the same plate was a new experience for us, but we realised that this way you actually get to taste many flavours at the same time! Shared plate = shared fun and more tastes❤

After the superior lunch, it was time to say goodbye again. Thank you Madrid and farewell! This week is one of those we'll never forget.


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