First day in FUHEM Colegio Hipatia

The 3rd LTT event in Madrid started today. The bus came to pick us up from the city centre and we travelled together to FUHEM Colegio Hipatia. The Spanish coordinator, David, was there to greet us and we received a happy video welcome from the staff and the pupils. The air was filled with excitement and joy. It was good to see each other again and to get to know the Spanish school after the warm welcome.

FUHEM Colegio Hipatia from the outside. Very impressive!

We had some very nice Group activies to begin the day with. We learned each others names through different games. Such fun! After the entertaining session we had a coffee break. The hosts offered delicious snacks to go with the coffee. Yummy!
After the coffee break, it was time to finally meet the children and see how we would do as teachers in Spain. The Finnish, Greek and Italian team got a classroom each where we told a little something about our countries to the children. Judging by the feedback we received, we think we did quite well.

Pupils learn species by playing memory game in school play yard.
After the serious work, it was time to relax doing yoga. A special thanks to Juan Carlos for the wonderful experience!

Finally, after delicious lunch, we gathered for our internal meeting. The day was full of joy and laughter and we are looking forward to continue working tomorrow!


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