Learning our area

Our 6 graders along with their teachers, had the chance of exploring our area around school. The stimuli came from our language lesson and we prepared a game where the students had to search for the buildings along the coastline and find out stories about them.

Through puzzles and difficult questions, they started to comparing old pictures provided by us and ask people on the street in order to find out the right building and create their own historical path back to our school through the old buildings of the area.

We had so much fun walking on a beautiful day, we learnt new things about our port, the buildings along it and how the economical status of our city changed throughout the years. With us, political engineers and architects from our city gave us the chance of exploring our new findings better and through critical thinking we came on conclusions in which ways we can promote the historical part of “paralia” the part where our school is and which role our school had in this history. Next goal to find out more about the entire city and its structure. Our walk kept us busy for just a couple of hours. A good suggestion for anyone that wants to search history from another point of view.


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