Bye bye Kalamata, see you in Turku!

Today it has been an emotional day for all of us. We started the day with job shadowing, we visited some lesoons from the 1st to the 3th grade  where we had the chance to see how active lessons are implemented by Greek teachers.

 After the jod shadowing, as every day, the whole school attended a morning dance session, dedicated to the Spanish team with some Spanish music.

Back to work the Finnish team presented a training about the Garage Band app for all the countries with some helpful students from Kalamata’s school. It was really impressive how they managed it and the activity motivated them.

 During our last break Greek team surprised us with an unexpected presents for all of us, consisted of local products from Kalamata.

We continued our session focus on checking the questionnaires just to pass them again to our students  and to our teachers as a final assessment.

 To end this workday Greek team carried out an  active Kahoo with  some questions about other project meetings. It was really fun! Contratulations to the Hobbys, the winner team :). 

Finally we recorded the presentation video for our YouTube Channel.

As a farewell we enjoyed delicius homemade Greek food offered by the host and we finished this lunch dancing!

Bye bye Kalamata! See you soon!


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