Today we had the wonderful chance of being active while having so much fun. We danced our way through a beautiful lesson of sirtaki, with the company of delightful greek music. Everybody gave their best self in dancing and learning the steps of the most famous greek dance.

Greece is the country where the Olympic games were born. The students represented the begining of the Olympic Games by showing the rituals and the first sports which were held thousand years ago in ancient Olympia. The whole student body, followed the ceremony and the active school teachers participated in the most interesting way.
The students showed how the olympic flame starts its journey throught out the continets and unites the people together in peace and harmony.
Let the Games begin!
The students formed the olympic circles representing the five colours and the five continets of the world.
After the Olympic Games were finished, we had the chance of being introduced in body percusion methods and how to use them as active breaks within our teaching methodology. Our active group rythm was a very happy up tempo one! The lunch with our partners was a great one including laughter and beautiful moments.
In the afternoon we visited a unique museum of traditional costumes. We learnt a lot on how fabrics, materials and fashion can be a window to historic events in order to understand each other better.
The archealogical museum of Messinia, holds lots of historical treasures for us to discover. Divided in four big sectors which follow Messinias geography we discovered a beautiful roman mosaic which connects (once again) the history of Italy and Greece.
Our evening ended with great greek falvours, good company and ideas among our partners.


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