Together again - this time in Kalamata

After a long winter period we had a happy reunion with all the Project partners. Our fourth LTT meeting takes place in here in beautiful Kalamata surrounded by the sea and the mountains. 

It is great to get to know the Greek school and its surroundings. The 10th Primary school of Kalamata has certainly done its best to make their yard more inspiring and fun.
The Morning started with a cup of coffee and a playful task to get in the right spirit in the school´s cozy library. Ready for the day, we participated a Morning assembly on the sunny school yard. After that each of us introduced our country and school to the Greek children. The pupils were very interested and had many questions for us. We also got a chance to observe some lessons and see active pupils. It was nice to get a peak at what its like to be a Greek teacher and what the brand new school Building is like. 
We had our first Project meeting for this LTT and decided on the form of our Project outcome, the toolkit. It is going to be a YouTube channel. Also the local media was at school to interview the head master Giannis Christopoulos and the Project coordinators.

We had a wonderful lunch at the school offered by the generous and hospitable teachers and parents. We got to taste some traditional and delicious Greek dishes.
In the afternoon we had a cyckling tour around the city. It was so much fun!

We got to see the castle of Kalamata and from there we cyckled all the way to the beautiful sea shore. Our tour guide Ioanna told us interesting historical stories of this town. The tour was offered by the Environmental center of Kalamata. This was an active beginning for the week!


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