The project comes to an end.. Last day in Turku

Last Friday was, officially,  the last day of our #ErasmusPlus project "Active School Days" after two years of hard work and friendship.

We met at Turku´s library where we had the last working session of the project. We had the chance to talk about how to continue in our schools with all the actions we have implemented within the project, things to do these next months, and an open round of questions or comments. 

After a nice lunch beside the river the Italian group left Turku, time for goodbyes.... for the remaining teams the host have prepared a very "Finnish" evening.... Dinner, sauna and swimming in the lake in a wonderful countryside not too far away form Turku but surrounded by nature and calm.

After that the official program came finally to and end.... Hugs, kisses, goosebumps and a lot of feeling to say by bye (we hope temporally) to all these wonderful people!


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