The Greek version for Hopscotch

The Greek team of our project present today the Greek version of Hopscotch to the 4th graders of Tupurin Koulu. The pupils really get excited. They all wanted to try it and some of them invented there own variations as well!!!

First of all we sketched 2 columns of 4 squares each on the ground. Then we found the right stone: a flat stone in medium size.

So here are the basic rules of Koutso (the Greek name of Hopscotch) in case you would like to try it:

  • The player throws a flat stone in the first square. Then he jumps to this square by using only one leg.
  • He tries to kick the stone so it goes to the next square. If the stone touches a line or comes out of the square, the player loses its turn. 
  • The game ends when someone reaches the last square and kicks the stone out and after all the players that follow have their turn.

Variations: The player can carry the stone in the top of his palm or inside it,
in the top of his head or between the two legs or everywhere else the imagination of the player wants. 


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